The ESA Comment Tracker Version History

The ESA Comment Tracker is a web-based platform to support the comment management process for ESA. The application is currently being actively developed to include new features and enhance existing features. This Version History provides the latest information on updates, features changes, bug fixes and release dates for the Comment Tracker platform.



Change List


April 6, 2019


  • Delete Submissions - added delete submission button for Administrators and access to upload feature.
  • Project List Upgrade - updated the project list to include paging, allowing for a large number of submissions without degrading performance of the page.


September 25, 2018


  • New Response Library - added response library to the response page, allowing users to filter library by topic and subtopic. Clicking a response, automatically adds text to the end of the existing response.
  • Default Comment Key - updated the default comment key to use single digit numbering, starting at 1...N.


July 26, 2018


  • QA Review - added checkbox to response page for "QA Review" and added filter to project page..
  • Plain Text (.txt) export - added additional export file type.
  • Response List Export - added new export of comment # and latest responses in both csv and txt outputs.
  • Bug fixes - fixed error in sorting of comments and sorting of responses.
  • Sorted Exports - added a sort on comment key to all exports.
  • Added Demo Project [STAGE only] - added the Nisqually Wildlife Bridge to the staging site for demos.
  • Address minor bugs - updated logic for reference key when custom key is not in use, addressed sub-topic filter list by project, styling issues on project page.


July 10, 2018


  • Update permission for Limited role - allow limited role to edited assigned user for comments on response page.
  • Comment/Response reference - added reference look up for comments and responses by comment key to response page.
  • Text Search filter - added new text search filter for comment and response text.
  • Export Bug - addressed text getting cut off in large responses in csv export on project page.


July 3, 2018


  • Bug Fix - the issue was address for response textbox loss of focus when editing a existing response.
  • Added "My Comments" - added new comment menu to toolbar for easy access to assigned comments.
  • Cache buster - updated build process to include a cache buster so users do not need to clear their cache after every application update to recieve updates.
  • Removed "Action Needed" - removed response type option from drop down list.
  • Export menu - added export menu with one new option. Export of all most recent comment responses.


June 20, 2018


  • Bug Fix - the issue was address for the auto-populated new response value not using the last response.
  • Added filters - added to new filters to the project page: Sub-Topic & Submission #
  • Added "-" to key - added a dash to the custom key so instead of "G0001" it is now "G-0001".
  • Removed export button - temporarlily removed button until export is updated.
  • Data Validation - added data validation to the response form to ensure response type is selected.


June 13, 2018


  • Auto-populate response - the last response is now auto-populated in the reponse editor by default.
  • Project list filter saved - the filter settings in the project page are now saved during a session, so when a user navigates away from the project list and returns the selected filters remain.
  • Assigned lists sorted - all drop downs for assignment have been ordered alphabetically.
  • Issue with comment number - the custom comment key is being displayed on the comment pop-up instead for the system generated key.
  • Role based user access - a new "Limited" role has been added and users with this role will only be allowed to view the application data and certian response types. They will only be allowed to edited client response types.
  • Tech Support - added a technical support link to the top banner, allowing for an email to a monitored inbox.


June 7, 2018


  • Bracket Editing - ability to alter the "box" for an existing comment.
  • Project View Filtering - ability to filter the listed submissions in the project view by: comment assigned to, comment topic, comment status.
  • Rich Text Formatting - rich text tools in the response editor for applying a variety of rich text formatting to responses.
  • Delete a Comment - ability to delete a comment with existing responses. Currently, a user can only delete a comment without responses.


June 6, 2018


  • Project data upload tool - ability to upload comments from spreadsheet template and attach pdfs to be loaded into the system.
  • Addressed issue on project view - update view to use custom key over system generated key and to update the assigned person.


May 29, 2018


  • First publication of the application for live usage on the Key Arena project.